HOME-X Pickle and Olives Hourglass Jar, Juice Separator, Pickle and Olive Container


HOME-X Pickle and Olives Hourglass Jar, Juice Separator, Pickle and Olive Container

. EASY PICKLE AND OLIVE PICKING: Say goodbye to the pickle and olive struggle. No more trying to stab your pickles or olives with a fork and hoping to get them out of the jar on the first try. This genius hour-glass shaped jar separates the pickles and olives from the brine in one easy step and features a large opening for easy retrieval. It fits snugly into closets, pantries, and storage areas for ease of use. Measures 5 3/4" L x 4 3/4" W x 4 1/2" H.

. HOURGLASS DESIGN AND AIRTIGHT LID: This clever kitchen accessory is designed to separate liquids from your food. The top side features a large container that connects through a narrow opening to the bottom container. This design allows the liquids to flow to the bottom while the food stays on the top. No more hands stuck in the pickle jar or dealing with sticky situations! The lid is airtight, so no spills when you turn it upside down to store.

. VERSATILE CONSTRUCTION: Not just for pickled cucumbers. Use this smart device for all your foods that are packed in liquids. Pour jars or cans of pears, pineapples, olives, or peaches into the top and let the juices flow away for easy access to the foods. This tool is an all-kitchen separator and will meet many of your storage and serving needs.

. REUSE THE BRINE: Don’t throw away your pickle brine. Keep it in the container and save it in the refrigerator. Reuse the brine to make more pickles or add flavor to any meal. There are many uses for pickle brine, from adding flavor to meals to using it in your garden. Reusing and recycling your oils and brines is an effective way to amp up your kitchen routine. Hand wash only.

. MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This awesome kitchen tool is perfect for the pickle fanatic in your life. The Pickle Box makes a great and unique housewarming, birthday, or Christmas gift. It can also be a fun white elephant gift — will your guests know what it is? It is an especially great gift for people with creative kitchen disciplines!

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